Winter is Coming: Plumbing Preparedness Tips for NYC Residents and Business Owners

Winter in New York City. The snow blankets Central Park, ice skaters glide gracefully at Rockefeller Center, and the city lights up (literally) for the holidays. But while you’re sipping hot cocoa and humming holiday tunes, your plumbing is bracing itself for the cold. Here’s how to ensure it survives the winter wonderland.

Cartoon of a snow covered block with exposed pipes.

The Great Indoors: Keep the Heat On

Even if you’re escaping to the Hamptons or jetting off to a tropical paradise, keep your home’s heat on. Set the thermostat to at least 55°F to prevent pipes from freezing. Your pipes might not send you a thank-you card, but they’ll be grateful.


Open Sesame: Cabinet Doors

Got pipes under sinks on exterior walls? Open those cabinet doors to let warm air circulate around the pipes. It’s like giving your pipes a warm hug. Who knew plumbing could be so cozy?


Drip, Drip, Hooray: Faucet Trick

On particularly frigid nights, let your faucets drip slightly. This keeps water moving, reducing the risk of freezing. It’s like a mini workout for your pipes, minus the sweat.


Space Heater to the Rescue

For those pesky areas that just won’t stay warm (looking at you, drafty basement), consider using a space heater. Just make sure to follow safety guidelines. Pipes love a good thaw, but not a fire hazard.


Brrr… Insulate!

If you missed insulating in the fall, it’s not too late. Foam pipe insulation is your plumbing’s best winter accessory. It’s the puffer jacket for your pipes.


Avoid the Block: Be Kind to Your Drains

Holiday cooking means more fats, oils, and food going down the drain. Avoid blockages by disposing of grease in the trash, not the sink. Your drains have enough to deal with, don’t add a grease party to the mix.


Emergency Plan: Stay Prepared

Winter is prime time for plumbing emergencies. Keep the number of a trusted plumber handy. Because while snowball fights are fun, indoor water fights? Not so much.


Conclusion: Winterize and Chill

Winter in NYC is magical, but frozen pipes? Not part of the fairy tale. With a bit of prep, you can ensure your plumbing weathers the winter storms. So, pull on those fuzzy socks, enjoy the city’s winter festivities, and rest easy knowing your plumbing is as snug as a bug in a rug.

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