It’s a common scene: you’re getting ready in the morning, and you notice the water in your bathroom sink isn’t draining as it should. A clogged sink can throw a wrench in your daily routine. But fear not! With CID Plumbing’s easy-to-follow guide, you can tackle this issue head-on and get your sink back to its best.

Understanding the Clog: Bathroom sinks often face blockages due to:

  • Accumulation of hair and soap scum.
  • Small objects that accidentally find their way down the drain.
  • Build-up of toothpaste and other bathroom products.

Gather Your Tools: Before we begin, make sure you have:

  • A small bucket or bowl.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • A plunger.
  • Baking soda and white vinegar.
  • A flashlight.
Cartoon image of an ai rendering of tools required to unclog a sink

Step-by-Step Unclogging:

  1. Setting the Stage:

    • Start with a dry sink. If there’s standing water, scoop it out using a cup and place it in your bucket.
    • Slip on those rubber gloves. They’ll keep your hands clean.
  2. Inspect the Drain:

    • Use the flashlight to peer down the drain.
    • Spot any visible obstructions? Gently retrieve them using tweezers or a paperclip.
  3. The Plunger Technique:

    • Add a bit of water to the sink, just enough to submerge the plunger’s rubber part.
    • Position the plunger over the drain, ensuring a tight seal.
    • Push down and pull up with some force several times. This motion might help push out the blockage.
  4. Natural Solution Time:

    • Directly pour one cup of baking soda into the drain.
    • Wait a moment.
    • Gradually add one cup of white vinegar. You’ll notice a bubbly reaction – this is good! It can help break up the clog.
    • Let this mixture sit and work its magic for about 30 minutes.
    • Finish by running hot water down the drain to check if the blockage is gone.
  5. Check Your Work:

    • Turn on the faucet and let the water flow. If it drains without hesitation, you’ve done it! If not, you might need to revisit the steps or explore other solutions.

When It’s Time for Professional Help: While many clogs can be tackled at home, some require a professional touch. If you’ve tried the above steps and still face issues, CID Plumbing is here to assist. As Brooklyn’s trusted plumbing service, we have the tools and know-how to address even the most stubborn blockages, ensuring your sink is in optimal condition.


Conclusion: A clogged bathroom sink is a common issue, but with the right approach, it’s easily solvable. Our guide offers a straightforward method to address this problem, ensuring you can continue with your day without disruptions. And remember, whether it’s a minor blockage or a more significant issue, CID Plumbing is always ready to help keep your home’s plumbing in peak condition.

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