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CID Plumbing is your reliable local plumber in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn. We stand out for our commitment to exceptional service. Our base is in Brooklyn. So whether you’re in Williamsburg, Park Slope, or another part of the borough, we’re ready to meet your plumbing needs.


Understanding the Brooklyn Community


Brooklyn, filled with charm and character, is a fantastic place to live and work. There’s a unique vibe in every corner. From the trendy cafes in Williamsburg to the historic brownstones in Park Slope, we love it all. As part of this community, we understand Brooklyn’s diverse needs. We’re set to service both residential and commercial properties.


Wide Range of Services


CID Plumbing offers a vast array of services tailored for Brooklyn. Our offerings range from routine checks and emergency repairs to specialized services. Plumbing renovations, relocations, sewer cleaning, and water heater repairs are just a few examples. Find a detailed list of our services below:

Direct Contact, No Hassles


Frustrated with automated responses? With CID Plumbing, that’s not a problem. We believe in human contact. You can call or text us at any time. You’ll always connect with a local plumber ready to offer expert advice or prompt service.

Rapid and Efficient Responses


We understand time is critical with plumbing issues. Our team is trained to respond rapidly to minimize damage. But we’re not just fast. We’re also efficient. We use the latest techniques and technology. Your plumbing system will be up to code, efficient, and durable.


Thank You for Considering CID Plumbing


Choosing a Brooklyn plumber involves many options. We’re grateful that you’re considering us. We pledge to continue serving the Brooklyn community with top-notch plumbing services. You can count on us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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